Choosing Ecological Water Supply and Treatment

Dr Judith Thornton, D Phil

Choosing Ecological Water Supply and Treatment is the definitive guide for anyone setting up a complete water system from scratch. Covering all the potential sources of water, this book shows you how to find, connect, maintain, treat and store water, making it safe to drink in the most environmentally sound way possible.

This is a new edition of CAT's previous publication The Water Book.
Chapters include:
  • How to reduce your water use
  • The mains and alternative sources
  • How to connect and fit a new water system 
  • Contaminants in water and how to remove them 
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Grey water recycling
  • Reuse of water in the garden
Several case studies are used to illustrate solutions to real-life water supply problems.
Said about the previous edition: 

"A practical book that shows you how to make your water use more sustainable."
County Times

"If you are ecologically aware or a self-builder who wants to be entirely hydro self-sufficient, then The Water Book is for you."   
Build It magazine

"Very clearly this publication is based on level-headed knowledge and experience. The strengths of the book are its clear presentation of useful data and illustrations, many of interest to a general reader."
Consumer Sciences Today

Jan 2013, paperback, 218pp, 216x138 mm