The Little Book of Garden Villains

Allan Shepherd

Every gardener has their bugbears, or should that be bugs to bear slugs, aphids, vine weevil and the rest? This book helps the starter gardener get to grips with the mighty garden pests that wage war on plants. Amusing, informative and defiant.

"Pest control books don't come much more right on than The Little Book of Garden Villains by Allan Shepherd... It is a funny, easy read..."
Lia Leendertz, The Guardian

"I look forward to the publication of CAT's brilliant little books the way some people look forward to Christmas. Allan Shepherd is on top form again with this entertaining and hugely informative guide to the bad guys on the plot... packs in more information than books twice its size and makes you laugh out loud..."
Gaby Bartai Bevan,Organic Gardening Magazine

2006, paperback 128pp, 100x130 mm
ISBN 9781902175324