Wind Power Workshop: Building your own windturbine

Hugh Piggott

Learn how to make your own wind turbine with scrap materials. Hugh Piggott explains what materials you need to build a fully functioning turbine and takes you through rotor blade design and construction, mechanical and electrical controls, towers, cables and batteries, and legal and safety issues.

Wind Power Workshop is suitable for engineering students wanting to learn about wind power; home engineering and woodwork enthusiasts; lovers of self sufficiency; and anyone interested in home power production.

Reviews of the previous edition:

"Every so often books come through that are a refreshing change from the norm. Wind Power Workshop is just such a book."
Electronics and Beyond, The Maplin Magazine

"The author is a true guru of the art."
Positive News

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Paperback, 208 pp, 240x168 mm
ISBN 9781902175621