CAT Publications contacts

The CAT Publications team is Allan Shepherd, Graham Preston and Annika Faircloth

The Publisher

Allan Shepherd has written over 17 books himself and has been working in publishing for ten years - both in marketing and editorial.

The Production Designer

Graham Preston has worked as a designer for over 25 years. Graham does the production work for all our books and ensures our environmental policy is adhered to. We mostly use local printers within a fifty mile radius and never use printers based outside mainland Britain. Graham can be contacted for any matters related to production.

The Publishing Assistant

Annika Faircloth is a designer and our publishing assistant, handling marketing, media and trade enquiries. If you have any questions related to trade, marketing and media contact her at

Centre for Alternative Technology Publications
SY20 9AZ

Allan and Annika - 01654 705980
Graham - 01654 705978

If you want to order a book from CAT contact CAT mail order on 01654 705959 or shop online here. CAT Mail Order is CAT Publications favoured retailer because more of the profits go back to supporting the work of CAT.

CAT Publications does not sell books direct but we do sell through a number of trade outlets including Waterstones, Amazon and numerous independent booksellers.

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